Friday, August 24, 2007 & The Future

Right now is breaking in, with the last three days surpassing 175 hits respectively. Still, I'm not getting all that excited. We're over two-thousand hits and I suspect by December we'll break 10,000, but I really want to get the message out to more people.

In a strange way, I saw all these sites pop up selling crap to make money and it really kind of annoyed me. I mean there's an entire market devoted to capitalizing off the misfortunes of celebrities and sports figures, only Vick didn't have a downfall or battle with dieting or a messy divorce... this guy tortured and brutally executed animals.

I don't know. On the one hand I never wanted to sell anything but today, I've realized that all these notes I've made for plans for the site and this blog, are going to be quite hard to pull off unless a little money flows in.

For instance, I was disturbed by some comments made on the Air America network on The Young Turks program. Now despite having recently re-joined PETA, I carbon-copied them a letter of protest I emailed to the network and program in question. Naturally PETA didn't follow up, but I forgive them.

The very state of affairs on the net is really very similar to real life. Sure the ACLU cares, sure PETA cares, sure this group cares and that guy cares --- BALONEY! Unless you have some clout, unless you can reach a bunch of people, and unless you have a few bucks in your program's line (budget) then you can't do SQUAT! And none of these groups will give you the time of day.

So I guess I'll sell a few t-shirts and shamelessly hope to receive a few donations.

I'm out for now.